Trimona TN2 500 ml


( 21,90  / l )

Spray Trimona TN2 directly on the stain and clean with a moist cloth. Remove any remaining traces of the cleaner with a clean wet cloth. For very heavy soiling, we recommend to let TN2 act for a while. Trimona TN2 is also appropriated for the cleaning of screened and sticky balls: Apply Trimona TN2 to a cloth, wrap the ball in it, let it act for a minute and rigorously wipe (follow the care instructions of the producer).

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TN2 is a special detergent for pre-treating old and especially tenacious resin stains that are to be removed from all kinds of sport floors. We recommend using TN2 for the cleaning of goal posts, handballs and other nonsensible areas. Checked for floor compatibility by the Civil Engineering Materials Testing Institute and the Institute for Building Materials, Solid Construction and Fire Protection!

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