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Trimona Handball Liquid Grip 100 ml


( 125,50  / l )

Trimona Handball Liquid Grip is a fully adequate resin that can be applied easily and equally due to its liquid consistency. Together with Trimona Easy Clean, Trimona Liquid Grip provides a fantastic grip for people who perspire heavily.

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Trimona Handball Liquid Grip convinces through its handy spraybottle with pump sprayhead by easy handling and extraordinary adhesion which you are accustomed to by Trimona. It can be dispensed easily with minimal consumption and equally applied. It goes without saying that Trimona Liquid Grip is dermatologically tested and free from irritating colophony. Trimona Handball Liquid Grip can be easily removed from sportswear, balls, goal posts and floors in combination with our special developed Trimona cleaning agents.

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