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Trimona White Shark Handballwax 250 g


( 73,00  / kg )

-Synthetic Handballwax -Strong and long-lasting adhesive power -Easy to use – easy to spread

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Trimona White Shark is our synthetic Handball resin. It is a white resin. The resin can be spread easily on the hand, to master even the most difficult throws. It has a strong and long-lasting adhesive power. With our Trimona cleaning range, the resin can be removed quickly after a game or training session.

Weight 0.35 kg


Trimona Handballwax 500 g

– Handballwax made of natural resin – Strong and long-lasting adhesive power – Easy to use – easy to spread – Dermatologically tested- free of colophony


24,45  ( 48,90  / kg ) incl. 19% VAT zzgl. Versandkosten
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