Our TN 2 was specially developed to remove stubborn and dried resin residues and dirt from all hall floors. TN 2 is suitable for manual and machine cleaning. Small spots can be pre-cleaned with the practical 500ml spray bottle. For example, resin residue from the goal posts. Trimona cleaning agents are recommended by Gerflor, the leading manufacturer of sports floors. Shake before use. TN2 is used undiluted. For manual cleaning spread the solution with a mop or cloth on the floor. When using a cleaning machine go by the instructions of the machine. With stubborn stains, let the cleaning agent soak for a short time to take effect. After cleaning, wipe the hall again with clear water to remove the remains of the cleaning agent. In general, packaging instructions must be observed and the object to be cleaned should be tested for compatibility with the respective cleaning agent before cleaning. To avoid possible damage to the floor, we advise to follow the care instructions from the floor manufacturer.

Weight 4,7 kg