Nettoyage des résines dans les salles de sport

Handball wax in sports halls

cleaning costs and possible damages



Expert review




1 Introduction

Handball wax has made handball sport faster and more attractive. Many throws and moves are only possible with the handball wax. Adhesives increase the grip of the ball, which improves ball control and increases pass accuracy, goal throws become harder and more precise.

However, this results in increased cleaning effort in the halls, which can lead to a resin ban.

In a pilot project, it has now been determined for the first time exactly how expensive it is to clean the handball wax and what damages can occur.


2 Statement of costs for cleaning sports halls from handball wax

2.1 Summary of costs for cleaning sports halls

The following cleaning cost data was determined by the sports department of Cologne, the city of Cologne, the cleaning company Klüh, various handball teams and the Johann Tripmacker company. The tests took place under real conditions over a longer period of time and were confirmed by a sworn expert [US].

2.1.1 Cleaning Agents used with and without handball cleaning

Standard cleaning agents are used for the so-called basic cleaning, which is carried out about twice a year, as well as cleaning agents for daily hall cleaning.
For daily floor cleaning, a distinction is made between a cleaning agent for standard cleaning and a cleaning agent for cleaning the floor from handball wax. Basic Cleaning

The product Bendurol maxx is used as a basic cleaner. The coating is done with the product ISI MAXX. ISI MAXX is not water soluble [HK]. Standard cleaning without handball operation

After the days when no training or games took place, the product Indur maxx is used for maintenance cleaning. This is done in order to apply a light care effect to the floor again.
Indur Maxx has been manufactured on the basis of water-soluble polymers that are repeatedly removed during cleaning. However, the Indur Maxx care film cannot fill scratches on the floor. Indur Maxx should ensure surefootedness after 18032. With each swipe, the film is removed and renewed at the same time [HK]. Standard cleaning with handball operation

After handball training or handball games, a cleaning agent that specifically cleans the handball wax is used instead of the cleaning agent described in the previous chapter. This cleaning agent is filled into the water tank of the cleaning machine in the same way as the cleaning agent for maintenance cleaning. Combination of detergents

It has been proven in several laboratory tests that there is no change in the effectiveness of a combination of the cleaning agent against handball wax and the cleaning agent for daily basic cleaning (Indur Maxx).


2.2 Basic cleaning costs

The basic cleaning is carried out for each hall at certain intervals, regardless of whether handball is played in the hall.
The product Bendurol maxx is used as a basic cleaner. The coating is done with the product ISI MAXX.) Price per cleaning: €915, the prices are from [KL].



2.3 Daily cleaning costs

2.3.1 Daily cleaning without handball activities

Cleaning effort for a cleaning WITHOUT handball operation.
After the days when there is no training or play, the product Indur maxx is used for maintenance cleaning. This is done in order to leave a slight care effect on the base.

These numbers are from [KL] and verified by [TK].

2.3.2 Daily cleaning with handball activities

2.3.3 Slightly soiled

Cost overview with different floor types.
The specified quantities were determined during the “HVM pilot project” test. The experiment itself was carried out by [KL].

The so-called factory sales price was used as the basis for the prices of the cleaning agents from Johann Tripmacker GmbH, which is the price that other companies and wholesalers receive. A project discount of 50% was granted on this price.

Note on the degree of soiling: A hall is considered to be slightly soiled after the handball game if the coarse soiling from the handball wax, which has been removed as a result of the so-called deposit formation on the shoes with a subsequent fall, or handprints from push-ups in training. In addition, the accumulations of ball imprints, e.g. on the goal circle, should have been cleaned by the handball players. With an immediate cleaning after the game, this is easily possible.


2.4 Result of the cost statement

Linoleum floors are the most commonly used. Provided that the handball wax is not very dirty, the costs for cleaning after handball games or training are almost identical to the costs without handball practice.

2.4.1 Realisation

Since the cleaning of handball wax on lightly soiled floors is almost cost-neutral and handball players have enough opportunities to clean the hall, the costs of the additional cleaning of heavily soiled floors should be borne by the handball players or the handball club.
This enables the club to check that the external cleaning of the hall is not being used unnecessarily and that the respective hall supporter does not incur any unnecessary costs as a result.


Note: Transport costs are not included.

3 External verfication of the cleaning agents used

An essential point is the security of the user that the cleaning agents used do not damage the floors to be cleaned. Therefore, all cleaning agents have been checked externally:
Cleaning concentrate 1 for parquet floors: tested by the Material Testing Institute [KU], [MW].
Cleaning concentrate 2 for synthetic floors: tested by the Material Testing Institute [KU], [MW].

Linoclean for linoleum floors: tested by TÜV Süd [TS].


According to [US], the cleaning agent does not damage the floor. This was a key finding in the report. Cleaning with a cleaning machine and cleaning agent for handball wax creates the required coefficient of sliding friction for the hall floor. (Review by [US]).

We are increasingly working with the Gerflor company. A test that our cleaning agents do not damage Geflor floors has been successfully completed and will be published by Gerflor soon.

The cleaning oil can be used immediately after the game and thus exclude resin contamination from the players’ benches to the dressing rooms [AD], [HP].


4 More ways to save money when cleaning sports halls

4.1 Savings potential of the hall operator

Basic cleaning

[EG] suggested changing the frequency of basic cleaning in order to generally minimize the cleaning effort, provided that the resin stains only represent an optical and no other impairment.
According to [US], basic cleaning should only be done as needed and not in a fixed rhythm.

Daily cleaning

After the cleaning by the Klüh company, [US] determined that fingerprint-sized stains, which the handball players overlooked when cleaning, were no longer dull and therefore no longer differed from the surroundings. Apparently, optical degradation appears to occur faster than an unacceptable change in sliding friction.

According to [US] cleaning 4 times a week is sufficient as long as the big stains are removed after the game.

4.2 Saving opportunities for handball players

4.2.1 Reducing the amount of resin

Savings in cleaning services can result from the use of other resin products and cleaning agents. Here are 7 suggestions:

1: Reduction of the amount of resin used during the game with the product “Trimona Handball Liquid Grip” (liquid handball wax). The amount of resin is reduced, depot formation on the shoe or similar with resin is prevented. The depot can, for example, cause a resin stain in the event of a fall, which is relatively difficult to clean. It also reduces resin stains in high traffic areas in goal or on the goal area line.

2: Trimona Handball Spraywax (handball wax as aerosol) is another way of reducing the amount of resin used. The same statements apply as for “Trimona Handball Liquid Grip”, but the amount of resin used can be reduced even further.


4.2.2 4.2.2 Improved cleaning

3: Ball cleaning helps to reduce overall resin spread and hence cleaning after a game or indoor training session. The remedy TN2 has proven itself here.
4: It is possible to reduce the resin load and thus the cleaning effort with cleaning cloths in a box, which are used during or after the game or training for cleaning hands or possibly for cleaning the ball. This box is a new product and is not yet commercially available.

5: The Johann Tripmacker company, in cooperation with other companies, is improving the manual cleaning of the halls with the “mops”. Handball players are thus able to clean the hall quickly and easily. The pads made of green bristle material have been specially developed for cleaning halls from handball wax.

6: As another option, we refer to a manual cleaning machine, which makes cleaning the hall after the game much easier.



7: In order to avoid soiling not only on the hall floor but also in the changing rooms, a special cleaning oil was developed that removes the resin from the hands immediately after the game. This oil was checked by [HP] and [JN] by DC GmbH. The report confirms the skin compatibility.


4.2.3 Handball wax, that can be cleaned with water only

In order to be able to offer another alternative, a wax was developed that can be cleaned with only water. This was checked and confirmed by TÜV.
The advantage of this wax is that there are no additional cleaning costs, the disadvantage, due to its water solubility, is a lower adhesive performance compared to non-water-soluble waxes, which has to be compensated for by more frequent “post-resin”.



5 Summary

The floors are not damaged by the cleaning agents and handball wax used.

The additional costs of cleaning the handball wax for a slightly dirty hall for linoleum floors are: €0.09 per cleaning of the playing field.

The handball players can easily clean the resin used themselves and thus ensure cost neutrality.

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